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Kadie Interview

Kadie is a 27-year-old Texas blonde who decided to appear on our site out of curiosity. She is currently between jobs, but has been a waitress and done retail work. Spanking was her parents' usual choice of punishment. And she talks about her spankings here. Her mom usually spanked her with a belt while bending over the bed. Kadie is spanked on video for you to watch over jeans and then on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2014, length 9:02, 174 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  kadie, interview, hd, hand

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Skylar On Pillows

Skylar is made to bare her bottom and prop it up real high to get a whipping for being snippy with her boyfriend.  (M-F, 2014, length 5:35, 107 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  skylar, pillows, clip, hd, belt

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Lexi's Short Skirt

Lexi tries to leave the house wearing a skirt that is inappropriate in public. She is taught a lesson in modesty with a good hand spanking.  (M-F, 2014, length 4:51, 94 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  lexi, skirt, clip, hd, hand

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Lux Interview

Lux is a 29-year-old Texas girl who was sent to us by her friend Bebe. She has known about our site for awhile but just now decided to try it. She is an outdoor girl who was spanked regularly while growing up. She talks about her spankings here, including a particularly bad one from her mother with a metal belt for smoking and drinking. Lux was usually made to take her spankings while lying on the bed. You'll also see Lux spanked on-camera over her shorts, underwear and on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2014, length 7:33, 145 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  lux, interview, hd, hand

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Val Spanks Missy

Val spanks Missy with a hairbrush for wearing an inappropriate t-back. Very authentic!  (F-F, 2014, length 2:06, 41 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  val, missy, spanks, clip, hd, hairbrush

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Bebe Paddled For Smoking

Bebe knows she's not supposed to be smoking. Some good licks with a paddle help to remind her not to smoke. A very cute bottom paddled pink!  (M-F, 2014, length 2:46, 54 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  bebe, paddled, smoking, clip, hd, paddle

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Skylar Not Doing Chores

Skylar gets spanked hard with a solid wood paddle on her bare bottom for not doing her chores.  (M-F, 2014, length 5:10, 100 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  skylar, doing, clip, hd, paddle

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Natalie Gets Strapped

Natalie's sexy bottom gets spanked solidly with a razor strap because she was late for an appointment. She is made to pull up her skirt to get the strap across her underwear then her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2014, length 4:19, 83 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  natalie, strapped, clip, hd, strap

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Mallory Interview

Mallory is a 21-year-old Texas girl who found about our site from her friend Missy. She is a soft-spoken between-jobs restaurant worker. Mallory is an amateur artist who raises pit bulls. She talks about spankings she got growing up from her mom and her uncle. Mallory also has an “ex” who enjoyed spanking her with a paddle with holes! You'll then see Mallory spanked on-camera on her underwear and then on her bare butt.  (M-F, 2014, length 7:38, 147 MB, $9.99)

Tags:  mallory, interview, hd, hand

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Shayla And Missy

These 2 are taught a lesson with a paddle for being in trouble with the law.  (M-FF, 2014, length 4:32, 87 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  shayla, missy, clip, hd, paddle

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Bebe Checks In

For the first time in a few years, Bebe visits us. So to welcome her back, she gets a good dose of the belt across her bottom! First it's over her tight pants, then her underwear, and finally on her bare bottom.  (M-F, 2014, length 4:19, 83 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  bebe, clip, hd, belt

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St. Patrick's Day Skylar

Skylar gets paddled for flashing her boobs at a St. Patrick's Day party.  (M-F, 2014, length 3:15, 63 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  skylar, patrick, clip, hd, paddle

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Blake Spanked With A Ruler

This brat gets her sexy bottom warmed with a ruler for going to the mall and running up a credit card that isn't hers.  (M-F, 2014, length 3:43, 72 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  blake, ruler, spanked, clip, hd

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Skylar Being Annoying

It seems that Skylar has been drawing on a friend of hers while he was asleep! For that annoying behavior, she is taken over the knee and spanked on the bare bottom by hand and with a stingy paddle.  (M-F, 2014, length 3:58, 76 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  skylar, annoying, clip, hd, hand, paddle

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Kaye Paddled In Shorts

There's nothing better than seeing a sexy girl wearing short shorts. Except it's better when that same girl is made to bend over to be paddled hard on those shorts. After the paddling, Kaye pulls down her shorts so you can see her punished bare bottom!  (M-F, 2014, length 2:54, 56 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  kaye, paddled, shorts, clip, hd, paddle

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Sunday Back From The Casino

Pretty Sunday gets the belt used on her sexy bottom when she comes back from the casino after losing $250 very quickly.  (M-F, 2014, length 4:58, 96 MB, $4.99)

Tags:  casino, clip, hd, sunday, belt

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788 videos
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